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I have been a teacher for 30 years and Sean's Dad for over 20 years. Yet it is only since he left mainstream school behind nearly a decade ago that I began to appreciate just how difficult it is to gel atypical neurology with 'schooling'. And how risky a venture this can be for some children. I have put my reflections and thoughts in an ebook (below) and believe it may be of use to some parents/teachers/support staff.

Talking of life with his autistic son , Nobel prize winner Kenzaburo Oe reflected ,

"I feel human beings can heal themselves, the will to be healed, and the power of recovery are very strong in us. That's the most important thing I've learnt in my life with my son."

The most important resources in the battle for a decent quality of life is our children's innate desire to help themselves and their strengths/passions. They have an agenda and we do best when we can ally our agenda to their agenda. Their 'passions' can be a source of analogies, success, confidence, esteem, and vocations.

So as soon as they are able we need to start collaborating with our child to mitigate the impact of their atypical neurology on their lives. Observing their strategies and strengths and latching onto these and nurturing them - and trying to get others to do likewise. 

Please do download the 'Asperger Solution' e-book Solution e-book.doc

Update. Since the book was written Sean has also...

- appeared on the RTE programme ' Living with Autism'

- written his own book ' Does my AS look big in this ?' my AS look big in this.doc 

-  put together his own website ,

Sean's ebook and my ebook  are £5 each. I trust you to make your payment on the shop page via Paypal. (If you cannot afford the fee - download for free)

Good Luck to you and yours

Kevin Foley